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Covid Carers Rainbow

So, this pandemic has been going on for a while (okay, a bit of an understatement!) and like everyone, looking after our staff and clients' mental health is important to our company, especially whilst we are all stuck in lockdown. It can be quite a challenge to keep everyone engaged and active whilst promoting independent thinking and keeping everyone connected to avoid people feeling isolated.

That's why here at 3 Trees we have a dedicated Activities Coordinator. Never before has it been so important to have someone focusing on keeping our clients active in these inactive times. Our very own Chloe Collins has been setting up small ventures for all our 3 Trees family to get involved in, posting their results on our internal socials so we can all feel a bit less isolated.

One of our recent challenges invited our staff as well as our clients to complete the task of creating their very own Rainbow out of everyday things they could find in and around their homes.

And our staff went for it!!!! Supporting our clients and getting fully stuck in themselves. We loved the results and just couldn't keep them to ourselves. So we took all the shots, stuck them together and put it in a video to tell the story of what's going on in the world right now. We are hoping it reflects how amazing people on the frontline are and recognises the hard work they continue to do.

We want to say a massive THANK YOU to all of our epic staff and the work they put in to make our clients lockdown lives that bit more fun.

But not just them, to all of the hard-working frontline workers. You never get the praise you deserve, you are all truly amazing people so a big THANKS to you too!

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