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3 Trees Vision

“To have both a positive and meaningful impact on both employees and services, to deliver quality care and contribute to the local community”

3 Trees Community Support Ltd is a healthcare provider that supports adults with learning difficulties within Outreach, Respite and Supported Living (Assisted Living).

The Founder

3 Trees was founded in 1999. Kate Carter, a qualified and experienced learning disability nurse and her husband Paul Carter, a retired police officer took over the company in 2003.

Paul & Kate identified that there was a clear need to support people who were being excluded from certain social and community activities. Their knowledge and expertise enabled them to work with people enabling them to be part of their local community. The emphasis was to provide a stimulating and rewarding service that empowered people to lead a more fulfilling life.

3 Trees started in a small rented room at the Greenway Centre in Southmead where 3 Trees remained for a number of years. Due to the increase in the number of services provided, 3 Trees acquired a building situated on Greystoke Avenue in the heart of the local community. The building was able to accommodate both office space and facilities for their service users.

3 Trees are funded and commissioned by social services local authorities (primarily Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Council) as well as Bristol and South Gloucestershire CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Group). 3 Trees have built an excellent reputation with their commissioning groups and are often approached to provide services. They aim to deliver high-quality care with an emphasis based on positive outcomes, enhancing the quality of life to the people they provide support for.

3 Trees like to provide rewarding employment to people who hold similar values to them


"I show kindness and empathy at all times"


High Quality

"I strive to do everything to the best of my abilities and to the highest standard"



"I always focus on providing positive based outcomes"


Person-Centred & Inclusive

"I embrace individualism and celebrate people's differences"


Honest & Sincere

"I remain open, honest, and transparent at all times"



"I enjoy my work and embrace a positive attitude"


Dignity & Respect

"I value all people by treating them with dignity and respect"

3 Trees Staff

It is important for 3 Trees not only to provide quality care to their services but also positive and meaningful care jobs to those who work for them.

Despite most 3 Trees staff having prior support worker experience before joining, at least 30% of the workforce don't.

3 Trees understand that it’s better to hire for attitude than it is to hire for skill. Therefore the skills of a support worker are provided by the company.

3 Trees have continued to grow in size whilst maintaining quality care and good staff culture.

They are careful to ensure its workforce has a real sense of belonging, by ensuring its own community within is sustained; that is why 3 Trees staff all love to work there!

3 Trees Community Support has always endeavoured to meet the needs of the commissioning bodies they work in partnership with. There is a sense of commitment to its services, often going way above and beyond. They hope its founders are pleased to see that 3 Trees Community Support continues in the spirit in which they were founded and are confident that their work continues to positively impact lives.

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