These are resources we have gathered from other sources that we want to share with our community
Feel free to tell us about other resources you may have and share with others so more can benefit from these

Health & Wellbeing


How can you support LD adults with healthcare decisions

Research exploring supported healthcare decision-making with adults who have learning disabilities

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How to stay calm

in a global pandemic

Advice from Dr Emma Hepburn

Corona BBC Advice

Coronavirus BBC Advice

Advice from the BBC to help with dealing with your mental health during these times

Staying Safe

Staying Safe

Easy read information on how to stay safe with the Coronavirus outbreak

How To Stop Germ Spreading

Stop Spreading Germs

How to help to stop spreading germs with pictures to help people to follow along

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​Coronavirus Easy Read

An easy read PDF from

Really great resource

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Coronavirus Widget Read

Easy read information on how to stay safe with the Coronavirus outbreak

Advice About COVID-19

Great resource from​ - Go to their website for more brilliant content



North Bristol Virtual

Arts Trail

Follow a virtual trail, enjoying art displays and artwork on your screen and interact with artists from the comfort of your home.

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Creative Mojo

Here's another lovely drawing from the creative mojo team! This week with a French theme!



They have built a cycle skills training facility, helping people of all ages and abilities to learn to ride a bike in a safe and traffic-free environment.

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Adventure Drive-In

Adventure Drive-In Cinemas have a list of films playing for this years Halloween! Book your tickets now!

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Creative Mojo

Another free art pdf for all to print out and colour in! Lovely seaside theme! 


Drive in Cinema

At The Drive In presents: an experience with built-in social distancing! 

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30 Day LEGO Challenge

A great resource to do with anyone of any age.

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Weston Pier

Help the Grand Pier raise money for Children with Cancer. Join them virtually as they illuminate an impressive 20ft Christmas tree from the comfort of your own home.

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Avon Valley Adventure

& Wildlife Park

Always great fun come rain or shine! Why not visit the website and check it out for yourself?!


Ghost Pretzels

White chocolate dipped pretzels are made into ghosts with candy eyes and a little bit of imagination.  

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GBB Soda Bread Recipe

Link to Paul Hollywood's soda bread recipe, inspired by this weeks bake off!


Page Park Walk

Lovely park, with café, wildlife, rose garden and the well-known clock tower!

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Creative Mojo

The Art Packs are tailored specifically to each individual

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Quarantine Activities

Caroline Jenkins has been so kind as to share with the community loads of indoor activities

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Creative Mojo

Here's a pretty wordsearch from the creative mojo team! This week with a jewellery theme!


American Museum & Gardens

The only museum of American decorative and folk art outside the United States


Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

Pumpkin Fest will be returning to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm this Half Term. 

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Creative Mojo

Free art colouring sheet for all to print out and colour in! This weeks is inspired by Henri Matisse! 

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St Werburgh's Farm

Why not visit the city farm for yourself! 

Avon Valley

Safari Drive through

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30 Indoor Activities

Another selection of indoor activities to do when stuck indoors