Our Vision is to have a positive impact on both our employees and services, to promote high-quality care, and to contribute to our local community.


At 3 Trees, our values epitomise everything that we do, they characterise who we are and what we are about. Our values have been defined by our employees and are considered to be the core of our successful progression. 


We are committed to working with compassion, kindness and sensitivity. We strive to ensure that both employees and service users feel valued by providing an empathetic, high quality provision of care.  


3 Trees encourage an enthusiastic and confident approach from its employees.  We aim to make a positive difference in people’s lives and there is a sense of pride and enthusiasm when delivering services.  We recognise and reward committed and hardworking team members who consider their work to be both enjoyable and meaningful.


3 Trees aim to recognise the uniqueness and value of all individuals within the organisation, including their religious, ethnic and cultural diversities. This includes working in partnership with those it supports to create bespoke, quality services. We ensure that service users are active participants in the planning of their services and are at the heart of all decisions made regarding how they wish to lead their lives in line with their intellectual and spiritual values.  Service users and their staff are carefully matched to ensure a successful partnership.


3 Trees focuses on delivering services based on positive outcomes.  This creates opportunities and tangible goals for people to aspire to.  We encourage both service users and staff to accept challenges to overcome and achieve meaningful results.


3 Trees actively promotes a spirit of candour, creating an openness and honesty where everyone communicates freely with each other.  People are encouraged to express their opinions and admit when there are failings, so that we can learn and improve.   We continuously seek to be honourable in our approach, maintaining our integrity and staying true to our morals and ethos.


3 Trees aim to be a centre of excellence, providing flexible, highly trained and reliable staff that are supported in their role. We consistently research ways to improve the quality and standards of care in all areas of our provision.  We actively listen to our clients and are responsive in our approach ensuring improvements and changes are made accordingly.


3 Trees ensures everybody is treated with dignity and respect, regardless of whether they are a service user, family member, main carer or staff member. We value and respect individuals’ needs and aspirations.  


If you want a rewarding role with diverse opportunities, you've come to the right place...